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Our general terms and conditions

We are a B&B, not a hotel. Arrivals are between 5 pm and 8 pm. In case of late arrival, please phone us to maintain the booking and avoid a no show. Before 5 pm we may not be there to welcome you, or not disposable, or the cleaning of the rooms may not be finished. The access to the pool is not allowed before checkin, for insurance reasons.

Pets have to be announced and authorised. Too many pets would disturb the place. Above 3 pets, we refuse guests with pets. They have to be at the leash during their stay and their owner manages completely their potential dejections indoor or outdoor. The non-respect of these measures motivates the interruption of the stay with no back payment. Pets are charged 7€ by day.


Meals in the B&B rooms are not authorised. Tables are at your disposal outdoor. We cook evening meals several days a week, on reservation by phone at the latest the day before.


Your bikes will be sheltered in equipment that we created in 2023, a secure bike port and equipped with electrical outlets for bicycles with non-removable batteries. Removable batteries can be charged in rooms. Charging is free. Regarding the charging of your electric cars, we charge 7 € per car but 11 € for Tesla whose charge will be slow.



Your children are under your responsibility during your whole stay, especially in the pool area : there is no time restriction but children have to be accompanied by their parents. The non-respect of this measure justifies the interdiction of the access of the pool to non accompanied children. The pool area is pet free and bringing food is prohibited. Toys are at your disposal but have to be put back after use, especially pool toys, ping pong and petanque.


Your reservation implies your agreement on our general conditions.

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